I'm Christina

The creator, designer, bullet journalist and creative entrepreneur behind christina77star.


I help fellow creatives set up and organise their planner in order to simplify their lives and achieve their goals.

I always loved planning and creating to-do lists. December was always my favourite time of the year because, apart from Christmas, I also got to buy my new planner for the next year and start scheduling and organising it.

Through the years I found myself hopping around from planner to planner, trying to find a system or a planner that worked perfectly for me. However, I was never satisfied. In the beginning of 2016 while I was still looking for a new planner for the year, I came across the Bullet Journaling system and my ‘planning’ world changed - literally! 

Today I feel the most organised I’ve ever been. There’s no little pieces of paper flying around, no missing appointments, no stress. My bullet journal keeps everything I need to remember to do, and makes it so simple to plan my days.

I decided to start my blog back in 2016 in order to share my passion for bullet journaling, time management and organisation.

I also opened my Etsy store (Square Lime Designs) in order to combine two of my favourite things: design + organisation. With my printables I want to help even more creatives to organise and plan their day to day lives, and be more productive and efficient.

I'm so glad you're here and I hope you find the christina77star site helpful, whether it's through a blog post, newsletter, course, or Library item. Thanks for stopping by!