How to set up your Bullet Journal

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If you haven't put pen to paper yet, and you're staring at the empty pages of your journal wondering 'now what?', then this is the course for you! 

Come along and I'll take you step by step through the basic original bullet journal system. I'll help you create very simple spreads, and I'll show you how this system works. All you need to start in one place.

After bullet journaling for almost 2 years now, I know I can help you start your own bullet journal adventure.

You'll get an email every day for 5 days that will include:

  • A step by step guide that takes you through the basic spreads
  • Examples of each spread
  • Action Steps, so that you actually start creating the first pages in your bullet journal
  • Resources to help you dive even deeper to the system
  • Bonus Material and advice to help you continue using the system after the 5 days.
  • Access to the Resources Library

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